The story of my Health

The condition of my previous health and where it is at now is probably only of interest to any of you if you see yourself in my story.  I can not say that my results will be any one else’s experience.

My story – At some point in my overweight life, I just stopped going to the Doctor for anything.  I had a hysterectomy in 2008 and after my follow ups from that surgery, I avoided going to the doctor because I believed that all of my health problems were due to my weight.

I was a staunch defender of the “just because you are overweight does not mean you are unhealthy” mindset.  Of course, the people that I was spewing this to, had no idea that I had not been to the doctor in years.

In January of 2015, I felt an excruciating pain in my abdominal area.  I could not stand up because of the pain ripping through me.  I told my husband that I needed to go to the emergency room and he knew I must have been very serious if I wanted to go! Once there, they diagnosed me with a hernia and advised me to get it repaired before it causes me more problems.

Then started a medical vortex.  I found a doctor to do the surgery, however, he wasn’t happy with a test that was done in the ER with my heart.  He told me I had to be cleared by a cardiologist before he would do the surgery.  In order for me to go to a cardiologist, I had to get a referral from my primary care physician, which I had not seen for almost 8 years.  He gave me the referral with the order for me to see him after my surgery.

I have to say at this point, that it is an absolute nightmare to go through any medical procedure when you weigh 320 pounds.  You feel like an enormous inconvenience to everyone involved. They need to find an extra large wheel chair for when you leave and it takes 2 interns just to turn you in the bed.  It is so humiliating!

So after the surgery is said and done, I go to my Doctor visit.  It was snowing that morning and it was absolute hell getting to that appointment.  Upon arrival, they take one prick of blood from my finger.  The doctor comes in to the room a little later and I could just tell how disappointed he appeared to be with me.  He immediately tells me that I have type 2 diabetes!

I feel the blood rush to my head and I am just devastated at this!  I remember asking him if what he meant was that I was pre-diabetic and needed to make some changes.  He said, “No, you ARE diabetic now and yes, you need to make some changes.  You need to lose about 120 pounds!” I said to him, “Don’t you think I would if I could?”

He then told me to excercise every day for about 30 minutes and that would help.  I didn’t say this but I thought “You have no idea how difficult that is for me, I can barely stand up for three minutes!”  I left his office in tears!  Part of me felt like just giving in to this disease and take the medication and then there was a small part that wanted to change this whole medical outlook!

The next day, the news was worse.  The results of my blood work came back.

I had high blood pressure… medication was needed!

My cholesterol was 455, triglycerides were 2794 (no, this is not a typo), my A1C was 11.0 and my BMI was 47.5.  I was now prescribed 7 different medications.  If my A1C doesn’t go down by my next visit, I would have to start taking my blood sugar by poking my finger three times a day and would have to start taking insulin shots!

Needless to say….I was a mess! (more about this on my next post)


Author: onehundredfiftyplus

Yes, I have lost 150+ pounds! I am a food addict and arresting this addiction was the key to being able to live in a normal size body...finally at the age of 55! I am interested in helping anyone who suffers from the obsession of food.

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