The Story of My health (continued)

This post is a continuation of my last post entitled “The story of My Health”.  Please read that post first before this one!

To summarize, at this point, I was on 7 medications, a cpap machine for sleep apnea, and was downing about 15 Tums a day!  I had the looming threat (at least I took it as a threat) that if my overall blood sugar did not come down in 3 months, I would have to take insulin shots.  I knew my quality of life was in jeopardy!  Even though the quality of my overweight life was nothing admirable, I didn’t want it to get worse!

Here is what I want to talk about, not my numbers, but my mindset!  How in heaven’s name did I ever let it get to this?  And why was part of my reaction to my health one of where “Oh well, I will just take the medicine and that will fix it or at least stop the progression!”  I thought, “What the heck, there are millions of people that have Type 2 Diabetes, it can’t be that bad!”  I kid you not, I really thought that!

I mean no disrespect for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of cancer!  I can not fathom what that must feel like!  I have heard many cancer patients tell of the feeling of “Just get it out of me!  Whatever has to be done, just get it out of me”.  But my food addicted mindset was that I could just live with this disease!  I was willing to live with it…just don’t change the way that I eat!  How insane was that?

Being so obsessed with food, I allowed myself to treat my body badly, which, in turn, dampened my spirit!  How could it not!  I was willing to let my body just deal with a disease that I inflicted on it!  My health was terrible and my poor body could not handle what I was doing to it with food AND I didn’t care!  Sounds a lot like drug addiction!

Is the reason why we allow this in our life because food is a “legal” way to abuse ourselves? In our way of life in this society the abuse of food is perfectly fine and acceptable!  Other people might have looked at me in disgust because of my overweight appearance and attitude but it did not have quite the stigma that a drug abuser has.

They just keep making everything bigger to accommodate our large size.  Clothes, chairs, furniture, airplane seats, toilets, coffins, etc.  all are made larger to help us fit.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  The specialty store where I had to buy my clothes went up to a size 5X.  I remember thinking that since I was a 4X, I still could go up one more size before I would have to look for a new store!

So what I am saying is that maybe the numbers on my health chart do not matter (even though I love my numbers now), but what we think about our health REALLY does matter.  It can make all the difference in the world about a person’s willingness to change.

We will go through any kind of procedure to save our life but sometimes won’t do what is necessary to change the outcome of our QUALITY of life and that has me baffled!

By the way, no more high blood pressure medicine, my cholesterol is perfect, my triglycerides are perfect, no more sleep apnea so bye bye cpap, haven’t had a Tums in 14 months and my A1C is 5.2!  That means I am no longer considered a Type 2 Diabetic and take NO medicines for it!  Yes, you could say that I AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS!


Author: onehundredfiftyplus

Yes, I have lost 150+ pounds! I am a food addict and arresting this addiction was the key to being able to live in a normal size body...finally at the age of 55! I am interested in helping anyone who suffers from the obsession of food.

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