What is a NORMAL way to eat?

A few years ago my youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD and was immediately put on medication.  Yes, he was a different kid after he started the medication but I couldn’t help but think that this wasn’t a healthy path for him!

Someone suggested a book for me to read that was written by Daniel Amen, MD that was titled “Healing ADD”.  I dove into the book hoping to find a solution.  I was so interested in what I read because it, for the most part, had to do with what you eat.  I remember feeling so sad to find out what a “healthy diet” for proper brain function really was.  I was sad because I knew that what he wrote was true, but that I would never be able to eat that way much less feed my family in that manner.

My sadness flushed over me because I felt like I was helpless when it came to helping my son!  Everything I learned from the book made complete and total sense, but I was so far away from living the concept of healthy eating, that I knew it would never become a reality in my life or the life of my family!

WHY, WHY, WHY is it so hard to eat in a healthy way?  This is a quote from Daniel Amen’s book…”If you had a 3 million dollar prize Stallion, would you feed it what you eat?”  Most of us would have to say “NO” and the reason we would say no is because we know that the value of the horse would go way down if it wasn’t properly fed!  But yet, we have no problem doing that to ourselves!

Think of the food most of us eat.  Better yet, most of what we put in our mouths and call food isn’t really food…it is imitation food!  We know that this imitation food would devalue a horse but we still choose to constantly devalue our own bodies with this junk!  We have been programmed to crave this stuff that is non-food!

Upon entering my food addiction recovery program, I fought with myself many times about “Why can’t I just eat normal like everyone else?”  In fact, I constantly beat myself up over it.  But now, I have shifted!  I understand that with no flour, no sugar and no artificial food…I AM NOW THE ONE WHO EATS NORMAL! I am the one who eats to live instead of living to eat!

I just finished reading another one of Daniel Amen’s books called The Brain Warrior’s Way.  Excellent book that I highly recommend!  He brought up many of the same suggestions for what to eat to achieve a healthy brain as he did in the first book I read.  This time, it was an incredible experience for me!  I am eating the way that he suggests as my food plan for my program!  How happy do you think I feel to know that a few years ago I couldn’t fathom eating this way and now I am!

Why do we give in to our cravings and find ourselves constantly eating “bad” things when we know the harm it is doing to our bodies?  I felt helpless over it!  Is it because deep down inside we think that it won’t really hurt us right now so we chance it for the future?  Its like if we felt our heart hurt and became diabetic immediately after eating something, would that stop us from doing it?

Have you ever heard about a different way of eating that would make your overall life experience better and feel sad because you thought you could never do it?


Author: onehundredfiftyplus

Yes, I have lost 150+ pounds! I am a food addict and arresting this addiction was the key to being able to live in a normal size body...finally at the age of 55! I am interested in helping anyone who suffers from the obsession of food.

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