Food…the great American Past time!

Just when you thought that the great American Past time was Baseball…it now has a competitor!  Something else is vying for that spot and, after this past week, I think food has surpassed baseball!

I love baseball!  I grew up listening to it on the radio in my family home.  If there is a game on with my home team, I will have it on the TV or on my phone!  I can’t say why I love the game, but I do!  This past week I traveled with about 20 other people (mostly family members) to the other side of our State to witness the competition between my home team and the team across the state!  What an exciting time it was! I had a great time and loved every minute of it!

There was, however, one problem for me!  FOOD!  I am sure that to many the food part would be something to look forward to, but for me, a person who lives by a disciplined way of eating, it was quite a shock!  Of course, in years past, this would have been the ultimate mini vacation for me just because of the food!  But now, my awareness level of the obsession we have with food is at an all time high! Here is what I observed…

  • People talk about food all the time.  They describe in detail how something they ate look, smelled and tasted.
  • People use terms of endearment to describe their food. They say things like how much they love a particular food, or how they long for something, or how they can’t get a particular food off their mind!
  • The talk of food seems to be a socially acceptable topic.  No one gets mad, disagrees or gets offended at anyone talking about food.
  • Peoples lives and schedules seem to revolve around food.
  • The only foods that people think smell and look delicious are foods that have no nutritional value or are not REAL food.

Please know that I am not judging anyone here because this is totally who I used to be!  Now that I eat “differently” I just became vibrantly aware the place of importance food is in our lives!  It would be different if the importance of food was based on the necessity of it, but what I experienced these past several days had nothing…I mean nothing, to do with necessity!

There was a tailgate gathering before the game started.  I looked over the spread of food that was gathered by our group.  The only thing REAL was a bag of cherries that someone brought because they thought I could eat them. There was also some Salmon bites that my brother made.  Everything else was non food and there was a ton of it!  I watched as people piled plate after plate full of these things that were called food.  Oh and this was between 3 and 5 in the afternoon…not really meal time!  By the time the game started at 7, most people were ready for round two!

Again, I must emphasize that I am not writing this to be judgemental because this was ME most of my life.  I am writing this as an observation from someone who no longer uses food that way and now how I find it 100% socially acceptable to use food this way!  It makes me wonder where we have gone wrong?  Why does food seem to be the central focal point of social gatherings instead of the people themselves? What would have happened with our group of 20 if we were not eating all of this crap and we weren’t drinking?  Would the gathering not have been any “fun”? I think it would have been because I wasn’t eating or drinking and I had a fabulous time!

Each and every conversation I was in seemed to be incredible to me until it got interrupted for a plate refill!  We were in an interesting place with a great group of people!  Why could that have not been enough?

Do you tend to enjoy more the social gatherings that are centered around food?  I challenge you to not eat at the next social gathering and see how it makes you feel!


Author: onehundredfiftyplus

Yes, I have lost 150+ pounds! I am a food addict and arresting this addiction was the key to being able to live in a normal size body...finally at the age of 55! I am interested in helping anyone who suffers from the obsession of food.

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