A disciplined way of eating

I am constantly being asked what I did to lose weight.  As I have said before, that is a loaded question with no easy answer!

Do I answer with the story of my lifelong search of what was wrong with me food wise?  Do I tell them everything I tried and spent money on that, in fact, did not work?  I think that what I did that did not work is just as important in answering this question!  Most of the time, I answer this question one way!

I tell them that I train myself with a disciplined way of eating!  You can see the immediate disappointment in their face!  Most people would rather have me tell them that I take a pill that costs $1000.00 per month!  That would be easier than “discipline”!  Please know that I didn’t just need to lose a couple of pounds for a class reunion, I had to change a lifetime of food addiction and obsession!

Disciplines are valuable because they allow us to do what we cannot do by willpower alone.  I must arrange my life around certain disciplines or practices that will enable me to do what willpower can’t!  Most diets with food plans are totally based on willpower.  Nothing else is taken into consideration (such as having an allergy to flour and sugar). That is why most diets fail! If you want to make a permanent change in your life, you have to train yourself for that change.  Training takes disciplines!

Let’s say that you have a problem spending money on clothes and shoes. To put this problem to rest, would you solve it by continuously going to clothing and shoe stores and counting on your willpower? Ouch, that would hurt!  But if you go into those stores with no credit cards and only $25 in cash, you are disciplining what you are doing.  Think about it, it is entirely two different things and your ability to be successful is much higher if you count on your discipline!

We use discipline in so many areas of our life that we are not even overtly aware.  We use discipline in the amount of make-up we apply, the amount of perfume we wear, the speed we drive, the timing of our activities throughout the day, the way we choose to converse with other people, etc.  Yet why is the thought of using a disciplined way of eating so bad?  If we know that being in the right size body is a win-win all the way around, why would we not want to train ourselves that way!

I think, but I could be wrong, that it is because it is so socially acceptable to have NO willpower, or any power at all over our food!  Smoking cigarettes used to be totally acceptable, but look now how many people disciplined themselves to stop! In the past 20 years the change in the amount of people who smoke has been significantly reduced!

Instead of trying to solve the problem of obesity in our country through restriction, maybe the problem would be solved by training a disciplined way of eating!  Something tells me that someone somewhere, doesn’t really want it to be resolved.  It is like there is a financial benefit to someone to have a third or more of the people in our country to be obese.  I do not want to “feed” that pocket!

What do you think the reason is that we balk at disciplining ourselves with food?


Author: onehundredfiftyplus

Yes, I have lost 150+ pounds! I am a food addict and arresting this addiction was the key to being able to live in a normal size body...finally at the age of 55! I am interested in helping anyone who suffers from the obsession of food.

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