Life can be difficult when food is your idol!  I have been extremely overweight almost my entire adult life! Not just a little overweight…extremely overweight! My highest registered weight was 320 but I am sure it was more!  I had a problem but I didn’t know what the problem was. What I did know was that food was the center of my life and my “dirty little secret”!  I would swear to anyone who would listen that this was just me.  I tried to convince everyone that I  ate like everyone else but I gained weight while others didn’t.  Deep down inside I knew I had a food issue because I had no shut off valve!  I spent thousands of dollars on many different programs not necessarily to lose weight but to find a solution to whatever my problem was. I was a sucker for all of it!

By the grace of GOD at the age of 54, I not only discovered what my problem is, but I also found a very real solution! At this point I have lost 150 plus pounds and am in a normal size body!  As you can imagine…life is quite different for me!

I am writing this blog for all who suffer from obsessions and idolship of food!  Mine is a full blown addiction that I am in recovery for.  Not everyone who has issues with food have a food addiction. And some people who have and addiction don’t know that is what they have, some people know but do not know what to do about it, and some people are at the point where they desire a solution of recovery.  Whatever the issue is, if food is front and center in your life, it is in the wrong place and more than likely, causing you some problems. Through these posts, you might find a similar pattern in your own life!

My passion is for anyone who recognizes that food is controlling their life in anyway, to want to change that and start living a life free of food being their idol!

I will be posting 3 to 4 times a week and my posts will be mostly about the ravages of food addiction in someone’s life.

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I would love to hear from all of my readers but I can not diagnose anyone for food addiction.  I have resources that I can send you to for that.

You can also reach me by email at maureenc0908@gmail.com

By the way…I am not selling anything and I didn’t have any type of weight loss surgery!