What does God have to do with Food Addiction?

Before I identified myself as a food addict, I first found out that I was worshiping the god of food!

We were doing a study at my church called “gods at war” by Kyle Idleman (which I highly recommend his book) and we were asked some questions.

  1.  Is there anything in your life that calls for a spiritual bonfire?  My answer…My relationship with food.
  2. What needs to be tossed out so you can make more room and have more time to spend with Jesus?  My answer…My relationship with food.
  3. What disappoints you?  My answer…my size and my relationship with food.
  4. What do you complain about the most?  My answer…my size and my relationship with food.
  5. Where do you make financial sacrifices?  My answer…anything diet and food.
  6. What worries you?  My answer…My size and my inability to control my food.
  7. Where is your sanctuary (where you go when you are hurting)?  My answer…food, food and more food!
  8. What infuriates you?  My answer…my size and my inability to control my food.
  9. What are your dream?  My answer…to be free of the obsession I have with food and possibly live, even for just a day, in a right size body!

These questions are designed to help you see if you are serving any other god than the One who created you. As you can see by my answers that I was definitely serving the god of food!

It was when I realized this that I started searching for a solution and found that the term for what was wrong with me was food addiction!

It must be pretty important to God for us to not serve any other god since he put it first in the 10 commandments!  I can see why!  When we are serving any other god our access to our creator is blurred.  We are not functioning at the capacity that God created us for and are unable to carry out His plan for our life!

If you asked yourself the above questions, do your answers show any kind of consistent pattern?




150 plus pounds gone!

This is the post excerpt.


Me at my heaviest weight of 320+
Me after losing 150+ pounds

When I look at that number, I still can’t quite believe it! It is such a huge number but…let’s face it…I was huge!  This is my first blog and I decided to write this blog to share some of my insights about being a lifelong food addict.  Some of you might not think that food addiction is a real thing.  After all, we all have to eat! Let me assure you…it is real. There are so many who suffer with this and loathe themselves because they don’t understand what is wrong.  And then there are those of us that work really hard at trying to get everyone to accept our size and the crazy way we do food.  And then there are also those of us who may not appear to have any food problem and have spent a lifetime hiding it by making sure it doesn’t show up on our bodies.  We work out exhaustingly, and sometimes do everything we can to purge the calories ingested!

I am writing this blog not to sell anyone anything and not to convince anyone to DO anything.  I am writing it to share things that I have learned about putting food in its place…nourishment for the health of our bodies…nothing else!

Hopefully something I write will help you or someone you know!